The Lifeguard Outreach Society (LGOS) is a team of skilled professionals who partner with isolated communities, offering public health services and training. These areas do not have easy access to numerous public health services which exist in urban areas. LGOS delivers underwritten programming across B.C. and Alberta, every Spring and Summer, working with each community to support their vision for public health.

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Mental Health

We offer psychological health training to isolated communities to educate them about mental health, responding during a crisis and ending the issues surrounding stigma within mental wellness. Many communities we work with experience mental health issues, substance abuse or suicide epidemics. The volunteers and staff who offer this training are certified instructors though the Red Cross.

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Harm Reduction

Our volunteers and staff are first aid instructors who offer hands-on training with Naloxone deployment and assisted ventilations on our CPR mannequins. We have partnered with the BC Center for Disease Control to offer training and distribute FREE Take Home Naloxone Kits.

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Life Skills

We partner with the Red Cross and Right To Play to help youth build upon and develop life skills. This is done in a holistic way providing youth with a sense of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. They gain confidence while meeting sustainable goals achieved through community involvement and knowledge-keeping.

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